Research Focus

Internal Research and Development

Innovation at VAV is backed by strong chemistry, analytical expertise and the advanced knowledge of the domain, acquired over the years. Experimentation and ingenuity is built into the fabric of our organization which has resulted in novel products and processes increasing efficiency of our ingredients.

We have state of art equipments, and have a team of qualified professionals who ensure quality and regulatory compliance.

Research Support to Institutes

VAV has always believed in investing in science and encouraging the same. Our products are a amalgamation of science and demand. We believe strongly in encouraging research; whether its at industrial level or institutional.
We actively support academic researchers at top institutions worldwide by providing study products and technical expertise. These efforts have resulted in a continuous output of publications in top scientific journals and patents.
VAV provides support and encouragement to students pursuing studies in research in various fields like drug delivery, liposomes, nanotechnology, skin & hair care etc. We help by providing samples of novel lipids, which are not easily available to students. We are also open to providing scientific guidance in membrane lipid selection to target research in above domains.

Please mail us your sample requests at [email protected]