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We are an innovation driven company with the focus to provide solutions in the field of pharmaceutical ingredients, nutritional supplements, cosmeceuticals and food ingredients. Being an export centric organization, our reach is spread all around the world.

We specialize in making ‘Lecithins and Phospholipids’ for cosmetic, nutrition and pharmaceutical applications. We offer plant phospholipids (LECIVA), egg phospholipids (LIPOVA), synthetic phospholipids and neutral lipids.


Lecithins and Phospholipids
Lecithins are a mixture of lipids which contain minimum 50% polar lipids. These polar lipids (phospholipids) are the active ingredients of lecithin. Phospholipids are lipids containing phosphorus, a polar head and nonpolar tails.
neutral lipids
Neutral Lipids
We offer a range of neutral lipids from plant and animal origin like Cholesterol, OLEOVA and Triglycerides. Lipids are an important component of living cells. Our lipids are used as emulsifiers, permeation enhancers, humectants and as conditioning agents.
Within pharmaceuticals, we also offer active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) with a particular focus on cytotoxic drugs for oncology. We also offer drugs for topical and injectable formulations.
Active people, especially intensive athletes and weight trainers, require greater amounts and higher quality of protein than sedentary people. Our proteins help for building muscle and improving muscle recovery after intense workouts.



Our products find applications in the pharmaceutical industry as emulsifiers, as liposomal agents, in dermatology, in targeted drug delivery, as cardio-protectant and in mesotherapy.


Our products find applications in the nutrition and dietetics industry in core nutrition (to improve liver, brain and heart health), as excipients & liposomal agents, for total parenteral nutrition, in infant nutrition and in sports nutrition.


Our products find application in the cosmetic industry as emulsification and blending agents, as permeation enhancers, for skin care and for hair care.

Why Partner with VAV?

Quality is our Priority

Quality is our Priority

Our products are produced in compliance with international parameters, manned by technically qualified scientists who guarantee each process is governed by rigorous quality control standards. VAV sets the standard for excellence in pharmaceutical manufacturing by ensuring the consistency of operations through the qualification of equipment and processes. We have inhouse state of the art laboratories for physical, chemical and microbial analyses.

Technical Support & Development

Technical Support & Development

Understanding the complexity of Novel Drug Delivery, we provide our customers start to end technical support which includes the selection of right grade of products and guidance on formulation, stability, analytical and application aspects. Our techno-commercial team works in close relation with the customers to help them achieve the targeted benefits from our products.



Innovation at VAV is backed by strong chemistry, analytical expertise and the advanced knowledge of the domain, acquired over the years. Experimentation and ingenuity is built into the fabric of our organization which has resulted in novel products and processes, increasing efficiency and reducing risks associated with our products. We actively support academic researchers at top institutions worldwide by providing study products and technical expertise.

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