For Cosmetics

Just like skin, the condition of hair is an outward sign of inside health and good hair-care practices. Most healthy individuals take adequate measures to maintain hair health.

The cells that make up each strand of hair require a regular supply of key nutrients. One of such essential nutrient is collagen which imparts strength and shine to hair. Collagen generation is the responsibility of amino acids like Lysine & Threonine.  LIPOVA-E200 is a natural concentrate of egg yolk protein powder with higher content of these amino acids.

LIPOVA-E200 is recommended for use in hair care preparations and hair protein treatment products as an additive.

For Nutraceuticals

LIPOVA-E200 is a fat free purified egg yolk protein powder concentrate. It is used for muscle recovery, sports nutrition and as protein supplement.

Active people, especially intensive athletes and weight trainers, require greater amounts and higher quality of protein than sedentary people. Regular physical training tends to reduce muscle protein breakdown and protein loss from the body. Proteins help for building muscle and improving muscle recovery after intense workouts.

Protein supplements are found to prevent the spike in blood sugar caused by eating carbohydrates alone.
The protein profile of egg yolk makes it an excellent source of nutrients for the human body with better amino acid score than whey protein & egg white protein.

  • Highest content of phosvitin found in nature
  • Free from cholesterol & minimal fat
  • High protein efficiency ratio (PER) with PER of 3.9 out of 4.0
  • High biological value and BCAA content
  • High in sulphur producing amino acids that assist in anabolic hormone production
  • Lactose free and easy to digest